Established 1976

Shirley & Sons Construction
Shirley & Sons Construction
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    Since 1976

    Shirley & Sons Construction is a Marine and General Construction contractor located in Cleveland, Texas.

    We focus on a wide variety of projects in Texas and Louisiana. 

    Shirley & Sons Construction primarily does

    commercial work in the private and public sectors. We also work for numerous federal and state agencies

    including but not limited to; USACE, USDA, NRCS, US Fish and Wildlife, TXDOT, Texas Parks & Wildlife,

    Texas GLO, and others. Shirley & Sons Construction has a well organized work force that all are trained

    in the latest safety and work place standards. Safety is a number one concern, thus all operators and

    skilled personnel are certified for their specific piece of equipment or task. Our experience and expertise

    over the years have allowed us to never finish a project behind schedule or leave a customer dissatisfied.

    Shirley & Sons Construction will do whatever it takes to provide an excellent and efficient project.